The company

Sanindco is one of India’s largest granite funerary item exporters; they are located in Chennai in the Tamil Nadu state of Southern India, a state which is known throughout the world for its raw material quarries and its unique granite-working expertise.

Sanindco is the exclusive Indian market representative of a European specialised natural stone industry group.

The company has all of the required specialisations: creation, sourcing, manufacture and storage. They have their own warehouses and a complete mastery of the logistics chain.

Our values and founding principles

Passion, innovation, excellence, ethics and respect are the values and principles which drive and motivate the women and men of Sanindco.


We are passionate and at the end of each day we are proud of the exemplary nature of our work, completed with the sole objective of ensuring customer satisfaction.


Ethics are our guiding light, helping us to operate as an international entity, the commitment behind each of our decisions..


We share the same stakes as the clients and partners we represent and are as much responsible for their image as for our own.


Respect for people and collective commitments are at the very heart of our human relations, we share the benefits of working together and providing our expertise. Attentiveness, exchange and openness to others are a dynamic strength.


Excellence is the very essence of our business; it is the goal we must achieve each day and that we apply to each of our specialised sectors, with the sole objective of ensuring customer satisfaction.